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For top quality piano restoration and tuning

For top quality piano restoration and tuningFor top quality piano restoration and tuning

Piano rental

Have you ever dreamed of learning to play the piano, or have you ever wanted your children to have the opportunity to learn?

If so there has never been  better time to do so. 

The quality of piano tuition in this area is second to non but what if you don't currently own your own piano?

Here at Authentically restored pianos we believe we have the solution, Piano rental.

Of course we sell reconditioned upright and grand pianos but if you're not yet ready to make that kind of financial commitment  then maybe rental is the answer for you.

Typically an upright rental piano would be of an older traditional type which is in good order and suitable to learn on and depending on the retail value of the piano the monthly rental would be around £30 for a minimum of 12 months.

If you like your piano and decide to buy it within the 12 month period all monies paid in rental would be deducted from the retail price.

If after the first year you decide not to continue the piano will be collected and taken away.